Chocolate Cookie Crumble


Classifications: Desserts

Qty Measure Ingredient


2 cups cold skim milk, divided

4 ounces light pasteurized process cream

cheese product

1 package (4-serving size) chocolate flavor

fat free sugar free pudding mix

6 chocolate wafer cookies, crumbled

Instructions: Pour 1/2 cup of the milk into blender container. Add cream cheese product; cover. Blend until smooth. Add the remaining 1 1/2 cups milk and the pudding mix; cover. Blend until smooth. Spoon half of the pudding mixture into 6 individual dishes; cover with crumbled cookies. Top with the remaining pudding mixture. Refrigerate until ready to serve.



Background: Note: DIABETIC EXCHANGES: One serving equals 1/2 whole milk, 1/2 starch; also, 120 calories, 390 mg sodium, 10 mg cholesterol, 15 gm carbohydrate, 5 gm protein, 4.5 gm fat.

Serves: 6

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