Early Texas Chili Recipe

Source: The New Texas Wild Game Cook Book

Classifications: Venison

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2 pounds cooked or sauteed chunks of venison

1 can Ro Tel tomatoes

Instructions: This is a pioneer recipe for real Texas chili, from the pepper up.

"Hunt until you find old-fashioned dry, large, red peppers. Wipe them clean with a moist rag--remove seeds. Place in shallow baking tins and dry them in extremely low heated oven until crisp. Remove from the oven and cool. put them through meat-grinder and you will have chili powder to which you may add the herbs of which you are most fond or none at all. One usually adds a pinch of garlic and/or onion.

Use tomatoes, canned. i us Ro-Tel, instead of water.

Simmer before adding your already cooked or sauteed chunks of venison (at least 2 pounds).

Cook slowly for several hours (simmer). Add a small amount of cooking oil or margarine.

Should you prefer you chili thicker, just sprinkle in a little corn meal and stir.



Background: Recipe by: Clara Louise Cape, San Marcos

Copyright 1985

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