Fried Squirrel

Source: The New Texas Wild Game Cook Book

Classifications: Squirrels

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seasoned flour

cooking oil

Instructions: Rinse skinned squirrel in cold water and pat dry. Dip in buttermilk and then in seasoned flour and fry in hot oil just as you would chicken.

If the squirrel is young, you probably will not need to steam the meat. If there is any doubt, drain off

excess fat in the skillet, add a bout a cup of water or wine, and steam covered for about 15 minutes.

Or you may wish to pressure cook the meat for an additional 5 to 10 minutes.

Make gravy in the frying fat by adding the leftover seasoned flour and milk or water.

Serve over rice or with hot biscuits.



Background: Recipe by: Judith and Richard Morehead

Copyright 1985

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