Lazy Hunter's Jerky

Source: More Than a Trophy

Classifications: Venison

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soy sauce

any other spices you care to add

Instructions: Use the more tender portions of venison, such as the haunch roundsteak or the backstrap sirloin.

First slice the meat across the grain as if cutting steaks and then cut these pieces into strips about a quarter of an inch thick. Use partially frozen meat (easier to cut)

Dip each strip in soy sauce (which is very salty) and any other spices that you might care to add. Ground peppercorns are suggested.

Then place the strips on an oven tray, leaving a little space between them.

Set the tray in your oven and begin drying at about 110*F. Gradually increase the temperature to 160*F. over a six to eight hour period and then check the jerky for dryness.

Remember too that jerky will be more brittle after it has cooled down to room temperature; while still hot, it tends to be somewhat more pliable.



Background: Recipe by: Dennis Walrod

Copyright 1983

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