Cool 'N Easy Pie


Category: Dessert

Type: Pies/Tarts

Classifications: Cakes, Brownies,Pies & Pu

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2/3 cup boiling water

1 package strawberry jello (reg or sugar free) 4 serving size

1/2 cup cold water

1 8 oz tub cool whip

ice cubes

1 6 oz graham cracker crumb pie crust

Instructions: Stir boiling water into jello in large bowl at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved. Add enough ice to cold water to measure 1 cup. Add to gelatin.

Add whipped topping; stir with wire whisk until well blended. Refrigerate 15 to 20 minutes or until mixture is very thick and will mound. Spoon into crust.

Refrigerate covered with plastic wrap at least 4 hours or overnight.



Background: Note: Any flavor jello can be used to make the pie.

Serves: 8

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