SimTower Banker Utility

This utility can be used to examine your SimTower game files and tell you how much money and how many 'stars' you've got.

You can also use this tool to embezzle large amounts of money simply by updating your balance! (I like to call this the Enron Maneuver). You can give yourself as many 'stars' as you like, too - or you can leave the 'star' setting alone. The more stars you have, the more things you can build - and this is a way to bump up your 'stars' without actually doing any work. Best of all, you can do this over and over - steal a fortune, spend it all, go into debt, and steal some more! It's just like Corporate America!

Step One: Identify the .TDT file

Locate your .TDT game file :

Step Two: Update File, or Print Report?

To update the game file, check the 'Return File' box. If this is left unchecked, you'll just get a report on your current balance and number of stars. If you check the box, your file will be returned to you with $200,000,000 in the bank account. While you're at it, you can set your number of stars to whatever you like (or leave them alone by leaving the selector on N/C for No Change).

with balance adjusted and stars set to

If you check the box, you'll be asked to save the modified game file (named banker.tdt) back on your system after you click 'Submit'. Be careful where you save this file, and remember where you put it.

Step Three: Submit The File

Click here to submit the file :

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