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audio oddities

Here are some audio oddities. Some are recordings, some are constructed from audio samples, and some defy description.

Unless otherwise noted, these are MP3 files. Clicking on the link should play the file, and if that doesn't work, try the "right-click; Save As" trick to get a copy of the file saved on your machine.

fartopia.mp3 - what you get when you cross an audio mixing application with a bunch of body noises and random samples. 17KB, 4.2 seconds.

hello.mp3 - started out as a simple mike check in a rehearsal and then got completely out of hand. Pretty funny stuff. 240KB, 15 seconds.

Kim-Possible-Kimmunicator.mp3 - the 'Kimmunicator' sound from the 'Kim Possible' cartoon. 21KB, 2 seconds.

TheUnit-2007.mp3 - 'Walk the Fire' theme music from the TV show 'The Unit'. 270KB, 22 seconds.

NCIS_Theme_Song.mp3 - theme music from the TV show 'NCIS'. 2.4MB, 2:30 (high quality).

NCIS-LA.mp3 - theme music from the TV show 'NCIS: Los Angeles'. 244KB, 14 seconds (decent quality, missing the initial drums part).

antique-phone.mp3 - antique telephone bell. 933KB, 29 seconds.

extreme-alarm.wav - extreme alarm. 1.3MB, 7 seconds.

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