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Elvish Resources

This is a work in progress - I do have a specific goal in mind, but I'm not going to tip my hand just yet. For now, this area is just a collection point for resources having to do with the Elvish race from Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings work.

Interested in an Elvish TrueType font for your Windows machine? TrueType fonts are easy to install and fun to play with.

Amanda and I have a theory that character distribution (letter frequency, if you prefer) is different in Elvish than it is in English. Since Elvish maps very closely to English in terms of the letters used, we thought it would be interesting to run a few Elvish dictionaries through a simple letter frequency analysis program.

freq.pl - the analysis program
test.txt - test file
testresult.txt - results from test run

noldorin.txt - Noldorin dictionary
quenya.txt - Quenya dictionary
sindarin.txt - Sindarin dictionary
telmithrim.txt - Tel'Mithrim dictionary

runit - script to run the analysis
result.txt - results of analysis run

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