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Various bits and snatches I've written, short stories, that sort of thing.

I Am Right, You Are Wrong - my detailed review of Edward de Bono's definitive book on lateral thinking, brain neurochemistry, and the mechanisms and processes that define human thought. Edward de Bono's lateral thinking techniques are taught in schools around the world.

The Bubble - a story about an accidental discovery, the fifteen minutes of fame that ensues, and a dilemma.

Slow Leak - could explain a lot, when you think about it.

nodes - when Big Brother comes calling, you need a "Plan B."

"Slack," Or Dog Urine? - hilarious true tale from my days at Bell Labs

Nuking The Pink Peeps - when Ward Cleaver conducts diabolical and gruesome research in the kitchen

Plumb Line - three dozen newsletters I wrote during the construction of the new Mountain View church building

Fond Memories - remember those nasty little pizza-in-a-box dinners from Chef Boyardee?

Frog Togue - a close call with a sticky toy!

spooks - my take on the Valerie Plame case

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