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Plumb Line

During the construction of the new church building at Mountain View Baptist Church in Lafayette, Colorado, I wrote up three dozen issues of Plumb Line. It was a little newsletter we used to keep the membership up to speed on all the various issues and milestones associated with the building project.

I decided to preserve them here for the sake of nostalgia.

Plumb Line Archive
IssueDateLead Headline
PLUMB001.PDFJuly 28, 1996Basement Walls Are Up!
PLUMB002.PDFAugust 4, 1996Texas Mission Team
PLUMB003.PDFAugust 11, 1996Metal Maze
PLUMB004.PDFAugust 18, 1996Ultimate "Erector Set"
PLUMB005.PDFAugust 25, 1996Fountains Of The Deep
PLUMB006.PDFSeptember 1, 1996Double Your Money!
PLUMB007.PDFSeptember 8, 1996Fred's Toy
PLUMB008.PDFSeptember 15, 1996Money, Money
PLUMB009.PDFSeptember 22, 1996Status Symbol?
PLUMB010.PDFSeptember 29, 1996Good Neighbors
PLUMB011.PDFOctober 6, 1996Transformers!
PLUMB012.PDFOctober 13, 1996Cooking With Gas!
PLUMB013.PDFOctober 20, 1996Get Ready, Igor!
PLUMB014.PDFOctober 27, 1996The Trusses Are Here!
PLUMB015.PDFNovember 3, 1996God's Hand Covers Us
PLUMB016.PDFNovember 10, 1996No New Taxes!
PLUMB017.PDFNovember 24, 1996Vanishing Plumb Line?
PLUMB018.PDFDecember 8, 1996Trapeze Artist?
PLUMB019.PDFDecember 15, 1996Our Ducts Are Sealed
PLUMB020.PDFJanuary 12, 1997Rock And Roll?
PLUMB021.PDFFebruary 2, 1997Sincere Flattery
PLUMB022.PDFFebruary 9, 1997Honey, I Shrank The Joists
PLUMB023.PDFFebruary 16, 1997Carpet Wanted
PLUMB024.PDFMarch 9, 1997Hit The Deck!
PLUMB025.PDFMarch 16, 1997Road Trip!
PLUMB026.PDFApril 6, 1997Long, Strange Trip
PLUMB027.PDFApril 20, 1997Building Secure!
PLUMB028.PDFMay 4, 2997It's Springtime!
PLUMB029.PDFMay 25, 1997Watch For Big Cats!
PLUMB030.PDFJune 15, 1997Where's The Hat?
PLUMB031.PDFJuly 6, 1997Stucco! Stucco!
PLUMB032.PDFAugust 3, 1997Balancing Act?
PLUMB033.PDFAugust 31, 1997"Meet My Guest"
PLUMB034.PDFSeptember 21, 1997Landscaping Begins
PLUMB035.PDFOctober 19, 1997Automatic Mole?
PLUMB036.PDFMarch 8, 1998We're Here!

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