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Buddies, Etc.
drpeterjones.com - accept no substitutes
dirtrodders.com - big, loud, and dirty
Hudson's blog


Baen Free Library - Free online text of over fifty novels from Baen Books. Good reading, and a working proof that the free dissemination of information can improve the bottom line.
Blackmask Online - over 13,000 books online.


Crossbow Wireless Sensor Networks - tiny processor nodes that establish their own store-and-forward network to gather and report sensor data. Some of these systems are the size of a quarter! Very cool, very cool indeed, as is the TinyOS operating system they run.


Cell and Radio Tower Stuff
Berkana Wireless Radio Tower Locator - neat little site that can pinpoint "any wireless radio tower in the USA that is registered with the FCC" (according to the site).
FCC General Reports Menu - government site providing a variety of reports on siting, frequency usage, and all sorts of other interesting stuff.


Federal Trade Commission "Do Not Call" Registry - national Do Not Call Registry home page - check here for news, updates, and instructions on how to register your phone number(s) with the national registry. Death to telemarketers!


Linux Stuff
LinuxDevices.com The Embedded Linux "Cool Devices" Quick Reference Guide
LinuxDevices.com article about little Linux systems
Linux-Works Incorporated - check out their 'Nano' line of systems running SuSE Linux! (Try not to drool on the keyboard..)
The Jem Report - a review site for the beginner
Building A Budget Storage Server - from Firing Squad


Hugh's Ominous Valve Works


Science Toys - Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles.


Jeff Russell's STARSHIP DIMENSIONS page - amazing pages that present hundreds of sci-fi starships, to scale.


I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved. Extremely useful free utilities that do specific jobs really well and save time and money.


K-Mart Muzak from the 80's and 90's, digitized
Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!

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