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This area of the site is a collection of notes, usually of a technical nature, that might possibly be of general interest.

Windows 7 Password Reset - Forgot your Windows 7 account password? Have a Windows 7 recovery disk? No problem - reset that account password in minutes.

Animal Crossing - Tips and tricks for the Nintendo "Animal Crossing" game

AOL Images - Sick and tired of AOL feeding you ".ART" files instead of real image files?

Automounter Configuration - Resolving unwanted automount of /usr/local and /opt/sfw

Baked Beans - a most excellent recipe for baked beans

Bass Guitar - Notes on learning to play the electric bass guitar.

AOL 'main.idx' File Recovery - A simple repair operation for a serious AOL malfunction.

Crash your Internet Explorer - how to make Internet Explorer explode by feeding it just five lines of HTML!

Disk Hog - simple Perl script to report disk space consumption on a Unix file system

Dual Heads on Solaris - configuring a Solaris box for dual-monitor display

favicon.ico - what it is, how to make one, over 100 sample icons

FireFox Prefetch Setting - By default, the FireFox browser does some page prefetching that might get you in trouble. Turn this feature off!

Hacking Chip's Challenge - a silly little Windows game, a bored programmer - and a hack written in BASIC that shows all the passwords for each level!

Hacking the Highway - "Mennonite"'s guide to hacking highway display signs

lunch - lunch options in east Boulder

mmencode - simple C utility that MIME-encodes binary files for transmission via sendmail

Mounting ISO Image Files - how to mount an ISO image file as a file system on Solaris

PHOENIX - an extremely fast and powerful free-form Oracle data extraction utility written in Pro*C

PostScript - simple tips and tricks in PostScript

Powershell - a simple guide to Windows Powershell

prtdiag - a handy little Solaris utility that describes your machine

Samba share - a minimal Samba share definition for sharing Unix directories with Windows users on the network

Sim Tower Hack - embezzle $200,000,000 and set your star level to anything you want, just by uploading your .tdt game file and saving the result!

Sims Cheats - various codes and techniques for use on the Sims game

Solaris USB Support - my ongoing adventures in trying to hook a digital camera up to a Solaris 9 machine via USB

Spray cans - don't leave them in a hot car! (with pictures)

SSI Banner Rotation - pseudo-random rotation of banner graphics, text, or any page components, for that matter

HTML Symbols - add weird symbols like ∞ , © , ® , and ∴ to your pages and forum postings

Unable to open ToolTalk channel - how to get around this error and run X applications on remote systems

vistium - The Great Vistium Video Hack

Wallpaper for CDE - experimenting with backdrop images on Solaris CDE desktops

rsync - notes and examples of various kinds of exotic things you can do with rsync

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