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lunch options in east boulder

  • Tandoori Grill - haven't been in years, but as I recall the lunch buffet was really good.
  • Cosmo's Pizza - lunch special is two HUGE slices (NY style) and a soft drink. Excellent meat-lover's slices on 4/13/2017.
  • Jimmy John's - on Arapahoe, just on the other side of the creek. Cheap, decent, nothing to write home about.
  • Chipotle - just what you'd expect.
  • Firehouse Subs - Good sandwich, good value - but, man, the parking situation over there is a ZOO.
  • Le Peep - should be pretty basic stuff. I haven't been to this location yet.
  • Golden Sun Chinese - "Basic eatery with limited seating offering a menu of homestyle Asian dishes for takeout & delivery." I need to have a look at this sometime, but the "limited seating" bit worries me.
  • Aloy Thai - looks interesting. Haven't been here yet. Not cheap, and you could probably use a guide.
  • Larkburger - slightly upscale burgers, slightly expensive. Get a "small" next time.
  • Snarf's Sandwiches - partnered somehow with Big Dog Deli in Broomfield? Oooh, yeah - Big Dog style - FANTASTIC!
  • MAD Greens - salads mixed to order while you watch. Somewhat expensive. The "Poe" is a good choice, with steak bits mixed in. Need to try the Mad Cuban Panini for $8.50 or so sometime. Hmm - Poe at noon, hungry at 2:30. >:(
  • Kathmandu II - the old Golden Lotus! Lunch buffet for $10, pretty good reviews. Chai is supposed to be complementary during buffet? Ask for it?
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop - best sandwich value I've found so far. Original Italian with everything was $5.50(!?!) and was very good. website
  • SEEC Cafe - now, HERE is the sleeper that's within walking distance. $7.50 or so for a BIG bowl of whatever you want. Steak, black beans, rice noodles, pico, cheese, sauce - I cleaned that bowl and liked every bite.
  • Quizno's
  • Pizza Rev - custom personal pizza made in a few minutes, reasonable price
  • Haoway Chinese Cafe - a real hole-in-the-wall with limited seating, but you can't beat a $5 lunch. Decent quality.
  • Royal Clay Oven - Indian lunch buffet? Worth a shot?
  • Zoёs Kitchen - Mediterranean food. Quite good, but not cheap.
  • Vina Pho & Grill - Vietnamese food. The rice plate makes a nice lunch. Within walking distance, barely.
  • 5 Guys - Good burgers, excellent fries
  • Rincon Argentino - Argentinian restaurant (good empanadas). Park to the north, in the McGuckins lot.

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