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The Sims

Here are some notes and cheat codes for The Sims - not everything here has been tested, so caveat emptor. All of this information has been shamelessly stolen from other Web sites - I just gathered it here to make it easier for me to keep track.

This document is divided into two sections - cheat codes and cheat techniques. Codes, as you might expect, generally have some kind of immediate effect on the game - modifying the simulation directly. Techniques are odd litle quirks in the simulation itself that you can use to your advantage.

Cheat Codes

These cheat codes are typed into a prompt box that appears in the upper left portion of the screen after you press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C (that's a triple keypress, or Ctrl-Shift-C). Multiple commands may be strung together in this prompt box with semicolons, and an explanation point is interpreted as 'previous command'.

More Money - depending on whether you have the patched or unpatched version of the code, try the klapaucius (unpatched) or rosebud (patched) code to get $1000. My Sims Complete Collection is apparently "patched" - rosebud works for me.

After figuring out which code works for the $1000 cheat, you can rack up lots of money quickly by displaying the cheat prompt again and entering !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! (up to sixty commands may be entered) to repeat the cheat code without a lot of typing. Alternatively, you can open the cheat window and enter klapaucius;: (or rosebud;:) and hold down the [Enter] key until "No such cheat" begins to flash. Keep holding the [Enter] key down to gain up to $99,000,000.

Here are some more cheat codes and brief descriptions - I need to experiment with these to figure out more about how they work. Codes displayed with strikethrough don't work on my Sims Complete Collection set, but may work on older versions.

all_menusadditional menus
autonomy [0-100]set free-thinking level
debug_socialenable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions (this looks interesting!)
display_interestsdisplay personality and interests (and possibly modify them?)
edit_charcreate-a-character mode
grow_grass [0-150]make the grass tall or short
helpget help for cheat codes
lot_size [number]set lot size
mansionthe best house
move_objects [on|off]Sets your ability to move any object (including things that are not supposed to be moved) on or off. Normally, this setting is "off."
prepare_lotcheck and fix required lot objects
set_hour [1-24]set time of day (unpatched version)
sweep [off|on]Enable/disable "ticks." I initially thought this might be a reference to the bugs on the floor, but this is some kind of dynamic chart.
visitor_controltoggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard
water_toolcreate moat or streams

Cheat Techniques

Some of these techniques involve the use of cheat codes, but others are just game quirks that you can use to your advantage.

Magic Trash Can Trick - never take your trash to the curb again! Buy the cheapest trash can there is and put it in a room, then wait for it to fill up. When it does, go into "buy mode" and sell it. Your full trash can will sell for $30, which is the price of a new, empty trash can. Put the new trash can right back in place of the old one, and voila! Your garbage is gone, and you haven't lost any money!

Pay Half Your Bills - when bills arrive in the mail, bring in the mail and leave the bills sitting on the table until the next set of bills arrives. Pay the first set. The second set of bills disappears! (NOTE: This is not something I've tried yet. One of the kids managed to pay one set of bills twice when attempting this trick, so it definitely needs more study.)

No More Bills, EVER - use the move_objects on cheat, pick up your mailbox, and hit [DELETE]. No more mailbox, no postman - no bills! Remember to do move_objects off afterwards. You might think twice about this, however - deleting the mailbox altogether probably means that you can never get any mail. If there's a game feature that involves getting a Publishers' Clearing House jackpot in the mail, you may be out of luck. UPDATE: I've read online that deleting the mailbox makes it impossible to greet people and host parties. The more I learn about this, the more it seems that deleting the mailbox is a really bad idea. Also, it seems that the bills don't just disappear - after a while, people have reported that the "repo man" shows up to carry off your luxury items. So, then - this cheat technique is described here solely for the purpose of warning you not to do it. Here's another bad side effect of deleting the mailbox - if you do it and then invite people over to your house, they won't be able to find it without the mailbox. Apparently, your mailbox is your "address." According to one report, you can restore a deleted mailbox with the prepare_lot cheat code.

Stopping Traffic - use the move_objects on cheat, then move your trash can out into the street. When the car drives up, it will sit there and honk at the trash can. This could be handy if you're running late for the carpool! Remember to do move_objects off afterwards. Note: Use a regular trash can, not the garbage can out on the curb. There's a limit on how long the carpool will wait, even when blocked by an object - don't push it!

Filling Need Meters - use the move_objects on cheat, then pause the game play. Click on the Sim in buy/sell mode and click on the bottom of the screen to delete him/her. Once deleted, go to the live mode and double-click the person's head icon to go to where that Sim is located. Everything should be close to full. Note: Save the game immediately before performing this cheat, or you will lose any career changes or points you have earned.


simslice.com - downloadable objects! NOTE: While this site does have a huge array of downloadable objects (many of which incorporate hacks and behaviors like "rejuvenation" that look interesting), these people want $6 or so per month before you can download anything. I might be tempted to spring for it if I could download any kind of sample object and verify that their work is worth paying for, but that does not seem to be an option.
www.thesimsstudio.com - looks like an excellent place to download some really beautiful objects. This site was almost shut down due to (perceived) lack of interest, but was resurrected and re-hosted in November 2005 for another year.
http://www.thesimsresource.com/programs/ - programs for use with the Sims and Sims 2. One thing I have downloaded (but not yet evaluated) from one of the program links is Codex, which is supposed to be an advanced object editor.
www.thesimesresource.com - many interesting downloads (including some that affect game behavior). Free registration gets you access to about 3% of the downloadable objects, and then the minimum subscription is two months for $8.95 to see the rest.
www.simtools.com - several interesting tools and editors, including a menu editor that looks interesting.
Electronics from OddSim.com - can it be? Free downloads of useful objects?

Modifying And Creating Objects

If you want to modify and create objects for the Sims, you need a third-party program called the "Transmogrifier." You can download the Transmogrifier for free from www.thesimstransmogrifier.com and also register a Magic Cookie if you plan to share your new objects with others. If you're just playing on your own, you don't need to worry about the Magic Cookie - it's just used as part of your object identifiers and only really comes into play if you want to share your objects for use on other installations. Here's a local copy of Transmogrifier 2.1.2 Beta (2.4MB download).

The Transmogrifier appears to be a simple clone/edit tool, and it does not let you hack character behaviors. Strictly decoration, in other words.

The compsimgames.about.com/cs/thesims/a/makeobjects.htm page contains many helpful links to tutorials and other resources related to creating and modifying content for the Sims.

Guniea Pig Disease

If your Sim has a pet guinea pig and doesn't keep the cage clean, the Sim may catch "guniea pig disease." This is some kind of respiratory disease that can be fatal if left untreated. Coughing and sneezing are the initial symptoms. The actual infection occurs when a guinea pig in a dirty cage bites your Sim.

It is also apparently possible to come down with GPD even if you don't have a guinea pig. There have been reports of Sims catching GPD from other Sims at parties. So, even if you don't plan on owning a guinea pig, you need to know how to cure it in case you pick it up from another Sim.

There are three ways to cure GPD. The easiest way is to purchase the Guinea Pig painting (make your Sim look at the painting - the cure may be immediate, or it may take a few hours). Lots of food and rest will also cure GPD. The third method is a little trickier and involves using the chemistry set. Use the chemistry set to make a white potion, and that should do the trick. The white potion can only be made by a Sim who is sick with GPD, and the odds of producing a white potion are 1 in 11.

The Concatenation Station

The creation of a potion is a pretty random affair, and you should not assume any potion you create will be safe to drink. Here's a chart of the various potions and their effects.

BLUE Motive Enhancer This potion maxes out all your motives. The odds of getting a blue potion are 40%. NOTE: there is a one-in-three chance that drinking a blue potion during the day will prompt a policeman to show up and fine you $500. Some kind of 'anti-drug' message, I guess.
CHARTREUSE Motive Subtractor This potion drops all your motives to near zero, leaving your Sim in pretty bad shape.
BROWN Invisibility The Sim becomes invisible for one hour and can spy on other Sims (even in the bath!). The invisible Sim can interact with others, but other Sims won't initiate interactions because they can't see your Sim.
RED Love Your Sim and his/her worst enemy of the opposite gender instantly fall in love, and the new lover is teleported to your Sim's location.
GREEN Evil Clone This potion creates an evil clone of your Sim with exactly the opposite of your Sim's personality. This clone sticks around for six hours, causing trouble with guests. The guests naturally assume you're the one acting badly, and your relationships will suffer.
YELLOW Personality Inversion This potion turns neat Sims into slobs, outgoing Sims into introverts, and active Sims into couch potatoes. NOTE: this change is PERMANENT (unless you create another yellow potion to switch yourself back).
PINK Monster This potion turns your Sim into a monster for two hours, during which time you will not be able to control your Sim and it will wipe out everything in its path. Not a good idea.
WHITE GPD Cure This potion may only be made by a Sim suffering from Guniea Pig Disease, and there is only a one-in-eleven chance of making it. Drinking the potion completely will, however, cure your GPD.

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